ICALDE proposes a specialized Masters training. Admitted candidate should de holders of Bachelor degree in law or social science or have an equivalent degree. Candidate with a degree in social science have to undergo an intensive law classes to be the same level with those who had a degree in law. Admission in ICALDE is on file study on the contrary it can be an interview with a jury.

DEMANDE DE PREINSCRIPTION Solicitud de registro Registration form
Expérience de la FOAD (Formation Ouverte A Distance) et de l'informatiqueExperience in distance learning and computerExperiencia en el FOAD y sobre informática
Motivations, curriculum vitaeMotivations, Curriculum vitae[es]Motivaciones o intereses personales, Curriculum Vitae
Financement de la formationFinancial aspect of the trainingFinanciamiento
Informations complémentairesComplementary informationInformación complementaria
Vous devez convenablement remplir le formulaire et confirmer que les renseignements indiqués sont exacts en cochant la checkbox ci-dessous!You have to conveniently field in the form and to confirm that the information mentioned in this form are true by ticking the checkbox belowUsted debe llenar correctamente el formulario y confirmar que la información mostrada es correcta comprobando la casilla de verificación abajo

(*) Le bouton d'envoi ne sera actif que si le formulaire est bien rempli et la case de confirmation ci-dessus cochée!The submit button will only be active if the form is well field and the confirmation box up ticked!El botón Enviar sólo estará activo si el formulario se rellena y se comprueba la casilla de confirmación anterior.