Mission and aims

As its contribution to the realization of full education for all, ICALDE trains women and men:

  • In acquiring general skills on fundamental rights, conduct of public affairs as well as specialized skills in rights to education, education policies and in one of the specialties offered by the Institute;
  • In the respect for the inalienable dignity of the human person and the values of justice, equity, service and protection of the entire creation;

The main objectives of ICALDE are to:

  1. train women and men capable of responding competently to the needs of societies in the design, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of public education policies;
  2. promote the Christian vision of education in the definition of educational policies;
  3. promote research and publication on education in general, and on Christian education in particular.


To achieve these objectives, ICALDE ensures, a Master level university qualification, including:

  1. training in legal sciences especially focused on the Right to Education in its meaning, consecration, mutations and challenges ;
  2. training in public affairs, with specializations in the fields of leadership, lobbying and advocacy on educational issues ;
  3. training in ethics, in the social teaching of the Church and in the Christian and calasanctian values of education.